Early Travel Plans

ImageSo my original thoughts about this summer’s travel was to take Eurail all over Western Europe, planning much of the trip but also using the flexibility of a Europass. That is until I remembered that I’m 52 not 22!! In my planning, I happened upon a site called Slowtravel.com. They advocate staying at least a week in one place, in a vacation rental rather than a hotel, and really getting a feel for the people and the place. I like the sound of that.

So now my plan has evolved to 2-3 weeks in Paris, Rome, and maybe London or Ireland. That’s 2-3 weeks in each (I’m fortunate to have 10-11 weeks vacation every summer)! I may need to whittle this down somewhat. But I deliberately want to begin with the ULTIMATE plan!!

Melrose Abbey

ImageThis Abbey was gorgeous on a rainy day in St. Andrew’s in Scotland. This is also from my first trip to Europe in 2004. After the tour of the abbey, we got to wander on our own for a couple hours. I got really turned around as I walked (hobbled–remember the plantar fasciitis) around the town–saw some neighborhoods I wouldn’t have otherwise, and even got mistaken for a local (someone actually asked ME for directions)!